Acrylic Art – Tide’s Out Series

The highly distinctive series, ‘Tide’s Out’, focuses on a close-up view of seashore life. The signature piece in the Tide’s Out series is titled ‘Remembering Rachel’. ‘Remembering Rachel’ is a tribute to Rachel Carson who loved the creatures living at ‘The Edge of the Sea’ and was also a hero of the environment many years ago.

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‘Remembering Rachel’ – 4 Panels – each 20″ x 20″
(Unframed) Acrylic – $1250

By reminding us of the beauty of these life forms, then and now, we are encouraged in our efforts to protect the ocean.  The piece aims to show the wonderful richness of interconnected life in the secret world at the seashore.  It is four fully painted panels which are each quite complete but together are fully complete.  

‘Blue Mussels’ – 18″ x 24″
(Framed) Acrylic – $350
‘Rocky Beach’ – 28″ x 22″
(Framed) Acrylic – $500
‘Common Periwinkles’ – 48″ x 36″
(Unframed gallery wrap canvas) Oil – $1350
‘Forbes Seastar’ – 14″ x 11″
(Framed) Acrylic – $125
‘Rock Pile’ – 22″ x 28″
(Framed) Acrylic – $500
‘Seaweed Explosion’ – 20″ x 16″
(Framed) Acrylic – $250
‘Blue Mussels & Periwinkle’ – 12″ x 10″
(Framed) Acrylic – $100